Things aren’t “normal”— whatever that means anymore. Delegates know it. Your neighbor down the street knows it. Everywhere we turn there’s another large-scale crisis, a culture war battle, or an indication of an uncertain future for ourselves and our children. The world, national, and state political drama comes so frequently in the last few years that it appears to have polarized Republicans into two camps: the checked out and numb camp; and the batten down the hatches, hold-the-line camp. There’s a lot of middle-ground between these two camps.  The Utah County Party should be leading the charge to claim that ground and Republicans must lead the way.

The answers lie not in embracing or legitimizing  any version of a progressive narrative that our systems are broken, but in returning to the roots of a fortified caucus system that reflects the will of the people, in reigniting the excitement of a party that holds equally both compassion and personal responsibility, and in communicating the strength of a platform that allows for the greatest advancement of societal virtues and opportunity. How will we do this?

5 Ways to Ensure Utah County Stays Conservative:

  1. EDUCATE AND EMPOWER OUR YOUTH! Outreach and involvement on our local college campuses and in our community youth organizations. Progressives have the corner on romantic utopias that rational adults know to be fiction. Youth are  easily drawn toward idealism. Responsibility –a mortgage, job, family, and a little age and experience tend to sharpen appreciation for reality and the merits of conservatism. However, there was a time when conservative values were effectively communicated to and embraced by the youth—many of us had this experience. Overcoming philosophical  obstacles with the current youth is ABSOLUTELY achievable! Truth is still truth and many of their eyes light up when conservative values are brought to their attention. It is our DUTY to fight for the next generation. Utah County should be a hotbed of strong, intelligent, active, Republican teenagers, college students, and young adults. Our future depends on them.
  2. Strengthen Precinct Chairs and Vice-Chairs: Sending emails to communicate with your precinct is from the Jurassic Period. Email should be one tool in a toolbox for our precinct leadership. A lot of emails go to SPAM and the formality of emails makes them not a great tool for open dialog, connection, and involvement for our precincts. Updated communication tools could also be a solution for connecting easier with the youth. Electronic tools that have SERIOUS data privacy protections are needed to keep precincts activated.
  3. A Welcome Packet and Training: A packet welcoming Utah County Republicans who are willing to serve in any and all positions of responsibility within the party. You become a Precinct Chair, FANTASTIC! We’re so happy to have you! How about a welcome packet explaining the organization of the party, resources, events, and a note of appreciation. First time being a Legislative District Chair—great—same thing, a Legislative District Chair welcome packet sent out. We’re so grateful for the tireless hours of so many who work to make sure that Utah County stays RED!
  4. UCRP Website: Enhance the look, functionality, and accessibility of information on the Utah County Republican Party website. The website and communication tools have come a long way and many thanks to those who have dedicated time, skills, and money to bring these tools along.
  5. Events! If one thing was clear during the nominating conventions last year, it’s that there’s A LOT of energy, skills, and knowledge among our delegates. I would like to tap into that energy with events that bring people together to share ideas, have fun, and debate the ideas that we hold dear. Some events would include: debates, barbecues, district elected officials events, etc.

You should never have to look further than your own neighborhood to tap into your own government. The caucus system is an incredible—and often taken for granted—system that makes this all possible: I often extend the challenge to critics to propose a better system and have yet to hear one. 

The Utah County Republican Party is and should remain a gathering place of support and ideas for our Utah County Republican Family. The UCRP should also continue to be a strong leader to add to the voices of those counties encouraging correct government principles on a state level. In these times of, “What the hell is going on?” we need Utah County Republicans to step up more than ever—and that’s why I am running! We also need YOU! Please help me keep Utah County conservative!!!  

I’d love your support for Utah County Republican Party Chair.

Look below for any resources that might be helpful as you strengthen your precincts:

Take a look and learn how to build a stronger precinct. Paper here

Take a look and learn how to build a stronger precinct. Paper here

A helpful organization chart for you to download and use here

Are you curious what your role is as a delegate? You can download this helpful paper here to help guide you. 

Are you unsure what a precinct caucus is? This paper here should help.